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Recommendation for Use' (RfU) sheets Machinery Directive

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Recommendation for Use' (RfU) sheets MAchinery DIrective

The following "Recommendation for Use" sheets reflect the common position of the Notified Bodies in the Machinery Sector. They have been endorsed by the Machinery Working Group. Their purpose is to assist Notified Bodies in their tasks of conformity assessment of machinery, mainly for the EC type-examination procedure, in accordance with the terms of the Machinery Directive.

All stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Directive should be aware of the existence of this information:

Horizontal RfU sheets are prefixed by 00 and apply to all types of machinery listed in Annex IV of the Machinery Directive:

Horizontal RfUs (September 2015)

Vertical RfU sheets apply more specifically to a particular category of machinery listed in Annex IV, e.g.  sheets prefixed by 01 deal with woodworking machinery.
They are issued by Vertical Group No 1 of the Coordination of Notified Bodies;

Vertical RfUs (November 2015)

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