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Dust Explosion Protection for Machines and Equipment - Part 1: Mills, crushers, mixers, separators, screeners

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Dust Explosion Protection for Machines and Equipment: Collection of Examples

Part 1: Mills, crushers, mixers, separators, screeners

Compendium for Practical Use

The ISSA (International Social Security Association) by its Special Commission on Prevention and with its professional oriented sections, has defined a target to analyse work-related risks. 

Through exchange of information, publications and conferences these risks should be identified and suggestions should be made for minimizing such risks.

The Section Machine and System Safety and the Chemistry Section founded a common “Working Group Explosion Protection“, in order to promote international exchange of experience between experts and to elaborate common solutions for specific problems. 

In this way we want to contribute to a high and common state-of-the-art safety in industrialized countries.

We are willing to share our knowledge with industrially less developed countries.

This compendium should enable project engineers, managers, safety professionals and other interested parties to judge if explosion risks are present in their own company or during the construction, equipment and installation, even without specific knowledge on explosion protection. 

The compendium is not intended to answer the question whether protective measures are necessary and possible: due to differences in national regulations in many situations it is not possible to make definitive statements.

Instead problems are highlighted and solutions are formulated, in order to meet safety objectives.

ISSA International Section on Machine and System Safety
Dynamostrasse 7-11 68165 Mannheim Germany

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Allegato riservato Staubexplosionsschutz an Maschinen und Apparaten Teil 1 Muhlen, Brecher, Mischer, Abscheider, Siebmaschinen.pdf
Teil 1 Muhlen, Brecher, Mischer, Siebmaschinen
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Allegato riservato Dust Explosion Protection for Machines and Equipment - Collection of Examples.pdf
Part 1: Mills, crushers, mixers, separators, screeners
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