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Lockout/Tagout guide book Safer machine interventions

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Lockout/Tagout guide book Safer machine interventions

In principle, Lockout/Tagout isolates machines from their energy supply during interventions, which prevents them from being reactivated prematurely.

Lockout/Tagout can save lives during machine maintenance and interventions in production facilities. Some 15–20 per cent of workplace accidents can be avoided with Lockout/Tagout, which is why the procedure should be part of any ambitious go-for-zero programme that bans accidents from the workplace.

Lockout/Tagout is an important safety practice that involves de-energising electrical circuits, closing valves, neutralising extreme temperatures and securing moving parts so hazardous energy isn’t re-introduced while equipment is being serviced. That way, your employees can get their job done as safely as possible to keep your operation running efficiently.

Lockout/Tagout is an important safety component to your workplace. It is critical to safeguard workers and employees around the machinery and equipment they operate, service and maintain.

A typical lockout programme includes creating, maintaining and updating machine specific procedures, energy control points, equipment lists and hierarchies, training and planning. To keep these tasks manageable, we split them into 6 key elements.

1. Create a Lockout/Tagout Policy
2. Write Machine Specific Procedures
3. Identify Energy Isolation Points
4. Training
5. Provide Proper Lockout/Tagout Tools
6. Sustainability

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