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ANSI/ASSE Z244.1 Ed. 2016

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ANSI ASSE Z244 1 Ed  2016

ANSI ASSE Z244.1:2016

The Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout, Tagout and Alternative Methods

Edition: 2016

This standard provides guidance regarding: 

- responsibilities of the principal parties involved in hazardous energy control (clause 4);
- design issues that influence the effective application of control methodology (clause 5);
- hazardous energy control program elements necessary for employee protection (clause 6);
- communication and training requirements for involved personnel (clause 6.4);
- hazardous energy program review to ensure its effectiveness (clause 6.5);
- hazardous energy control methods (clause 7);
- alternative methods development for tasks where traditional lockout or tagout prohibits the completion of those tasks (clause 8); and 
- special applications where typical methods of hazardous energy control are inappropriate or not practicable (clause 8.4).

The standard provides for decision-making flexibility regarding hazardous energy control methodology. Alternative methods, when used, are based upon risk assessment and application of the classic hazard control hierarchy (clause 8.1.2). However, lockout continues to be emphasized as the primary hazardous energy control method.

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