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CEI IEC/TS 62600-1

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CEI IEC TS 62600 1 2022 Convertitori di energia da onde

CEI IEC/TS 62600-1 /  Convertitori di energia da moto ondoso / Vocabolario

ID 16776 | 04.06.2022/ Preview in allegato

CEI IEC/TS 62600-1

Energia marina - Convertitori di energia da onde, maree e altre correnti d'acqua - Parte 1: Vocabolario

Classificazione CEI: 114-3

Data pubblicazione: 2022-04

This Technical Specification has been developed as a tool for the international marine energy community, to assist in creating clarity and understanding. The wave, tidal and water current energy industry has recently experienced a period of rapid growth and sector development.

With this expansion, it became apparent that a document defining the terms used within the sector was required. The aim of this document is to present clear and consistent language
that will aid the development of programs, projects, and future standards.

This document lists the terms that the marine energy industry uses. It is an evolving document that will change as new terms and symbols are added. The terminologies herein have been harmonized with IEC 60050 and other IEC documents as far as possible. The document does not constitute a full glossary of terms used in the marine energy community.

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