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ISO Update 2017

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ISO Update 2017

International Standards in process

List of CD (committee draft) registered; DIS (draft International Standard) circulated, FDIS (final draft International Standard) circulated and Standards published, confirmed and withdrawn for a given period.


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ISO/TC 199

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Scarica questo file (10 October 2017.pdf)ISO update October 2017EN237 kB(501 Downloads)
Scarica questo file (09 September 2017.pdf)ISO update September 2017EN275 kB(468 Downloads)
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Scarica questo file (01 January 2017.pdf)ISO update January 2017EN272 kB(535 Downloads)
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Scarica questo file (03 March 2017.pdf)ISO update March 2017EN270 kB(441 Downloads)
Scarica questo file (04 April 2017.pdf)ISO update April 2017EN302 kB(438 Downloads)
Scarica questo file (05 May 2017.pdf)ISO update May 2017EN184 kB(342 Downloads)
Scarica questo file (06 June 2017.pdf)ISO update June 2017EN242 kB(582 Downloads)
Scarica questo file (07 July 2017.pdf)ISO update July 2017EN230 kB(487 Downloads)

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