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Technical guidance on water-related disease surveillance

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Technical guidance on water related disease surveillance

Technical guidance on water-related disease surveillance

World Health Organization 2011

This volume will support national efforts towards national and international health security in line with the International Health Regulations (2005), which entered into force on 15 June 2007.

It also constitutes a step towards the implementation of the Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth (WHO European Ministerial Conference on Health Systems: “Health Systems, Health and Wealth”, Tallinn, Estonia, 27 June 2008), in particular ensuring “a holisticì approach to health services, involving health promotion, disease prevention and integrated disease management programmes, as well as coordination among a variety of providers, institutions and settings”. It also follows the WHO guidelines (2008) concerning the use of an integrated risk assessment/risk management approach – termed a water safety plan (WSP) – as a basis for the continued provision of safe water.

The document is inspired by a WHO public health initiative on surveillance of water-related diseases in central Asia, organized at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promoting Water Management and Risk Assessment at the University of Bonn, Germany. Every effort has been made to draw on the lessons of this initiative in making the guidance in this document relevant to all countries in the Region, taking into account the different capacities for surveillance and outbreak detection.


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