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Wärtsilä Encyclopedia of ship technology

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Encyclopedia of ship technology

Second edition compiled

It is with great pleasure and pride that we present this second edition of the Wärtsilä Encyclopedia of Ship Technology.

With 180 years of experience behind us, and as a technology leader in the marine industry’s global transition to greater efficiency, lower operating costs and enhanced environmental performance, we are in a unique position to influence the future of this industry. One of the ways in which we seek to strengthen the growth and secure the future of commercial shipping is to pass on the know-how that we have gained to future generations of maritime professionals.

This encyclopedia is evidence of this commitment. At Wärtsilä, we strongly believe that the marine industry must adapt to the new realities imposed by rising construction and operating costs, the need for operational and fuel flexibility, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

These factors have led to the rapid development and adoption of new technologies, and in this Wärtsilä has taken a leading role. It is only through improving the overall efficiency of operating vessels that these challenges can be met.

Today Wärtsilä, as a total solutions provider to the marine and oil & gas industries, has a portfolio of marine products and systems that cannot be matched by any other company.

Our position as an innovative technology leader has also been enhanced through some key acquisitions of leading companies with proven track records and unique offerings.

The combination of our years of experience and extensive in-house know-how, together with the expertise acquired through acquisitions, has enabled Wärtsilä to better serve its global customers and provide real and meaningful support throughout the entire lifecycle of their vessels.

From initial design, to engineering, to providing a single source of supply that saves time and costs, to support from the industry’s most comprehensive service network, Wärtsilä offers a shorter route to customer profits. A full review of what Wärtsilä offers can be found at

We hope that you will make use of this encyclopedia and in so doing, help to accelerate the move toward a more economically and environmentally sustainable future for the marine sector. 

by Jan Babicz
Consulting naval architect & ship surveyor
Helsinki 2015

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