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Ozone-depleting substances 2015

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Ozone-depleting substances 2015

Aggregated data reported by companies on the import, export, production, destruction, and feedstock and process agent use of ozone-depleting substances in the European Union

Chemicals known to harm the ozone layer have been successfully substituted in most parts of the world since 1989, when the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer came into force. Within the European Union (EU), ozone-depleting substances (ODS) are covered by Regulation (EC) No 1005/2009 (known as the ODS Regulation). The ODS Regulation stipulates that each company producing controlled substances, importing them into and/or exporting them out of the EU, as well as feedstock users, process agent users and destruction facilities, must annually report its transactions of controlled substances.

The ODS Regulation is more stringent than the rules of the Montreal Protocol and encompasses five additional substances (these are referred to as 'new substances').

Producers, importers and exporters of new substances must also report associated transactions annually.

This report summarises the data reported by undertakings in accordance with the ODS Regulation for 2015 and looks at the major trends since 2006. Data submitted by companies are commercially confidential and a number of rigorous measures have been applied to protect that confidentiality (see Section 1.7). 

Results are expressed in both metric tonnes and ozone‑depleting potential (ODP) tonnes (1).

(1) See Section 1.6 for terminology and the definition of ODP.

European Environment Agency
EEA 2016

Regolamento (CE) n. 1005/2009

Scarica questo file (Ozone-depleting substances 2015.pdf)Ozone-depleting substances 2015
EEA 2016
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