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Lithium Batteries Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators

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Lithium Batteries Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators

Effective 1 January -31 December 2015

This guide is designed to outline potential strategies airlines may wish to consider to reduce the risks associated with the transport of lithium batteries.

These strategies address the carriage of lithium batteries as cargo on passenger and cargo aircraft as well as in passenger and crew checked and carry-on baggage.

The strategies are primarily directed at an airline’s internal processes and procedures, although there are strategies for engaging with other entities in the supply chain, such as manufacturers of lithium batteries as well as shippers and freight forwarders.

It should be noted that IATA has developed comprehensive guidance information for shippers, freight forwarders, ground handlers, airlines and passengers which may be found on the following web page:

This guide will be updated as required based on input from member airlines, emerging technologies, new mitigations and changes to regulatory requirements or recommendations.

IATA 2015

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