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10 Steps to Performance Level - Rexroth Bosch

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10 Steps to Performance Level

The requirements regarding safety technology are increasing worldwide. The design of modem machinery and plants is regulated by the 2006/42/EC Machine Directive in Europe as well as by the international standards ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 governing functional safety.

Machine manufacturers are obliged to provide evidence of personal protection in a comprehensive evaluation with statistical parameters, whereby all of the components and systems of control relevance used in the machine or plant are included. In the form of Safety on Board, Rexroth supports machine and plant manufacturers by providing know-how and individual consulting.

These guidelines not only help you to evaluate risks, they also show you how to design, implement, and commission the corresponding safety technology for your control systemssystematically
and conformant with the respective standards. 

We would be delighted to provide you with support.

1. Risk assessment
2. Identification of the safety 26 Make use of the (SRP/CS) functions comprehensive service.
3. Determination of the Benefit from practical Functional safety to required Performance training.
4. Category selection
5. Modeling of the block diagram
6. Faults and diagnosis
7. Determination of the PL
8. Evaluation of control system robustness
9. Software requirements
10. Verification and validation of the reached PL (PL;, PL,)

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