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Emergency response planning

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EIGA 233 20

Emergency Response Planning

Doc. EIGA 233/20 

Companies are required to take reasonable measures to prevent emergency situations such as fires or leaks from happening, but emergencies are still possible on any site. Every site should therefore have an emergency plan and the necessary resources in place: designated spaces, equipment and people organised to manage the potential emergencies to reduce harm to employees, the public and the environment or damage to facilities.

This publication describes the key elements of a robust emergency management system to formally assure preparedness using an emergency plan.

This publication is intended to identify key elements and good practices for an emergency management system for EIGA member company operating sites. There may be additional and / or specific requirements for sites falling under SEVESO legislation, for more information see EIGA Doc 60, Seveso Documents – Guidance on Applicability, Assessment and Legal Documents for Demonstrating Compliance of Industrial Gases Facilities with Seveso Directive(s).

This publication is intended to address on-site emergencies (possibly with offsite effects).

The emergency management system described in this publication is not intended to meet emergency response of other offsite locations or situations such as:

- pipelines;
- road / transport emergencies;
- events involving member company employees performing work on customer sites;
- events at construction sites;
- crisis management, see EIGA Doc 923, Guidelines for Crisis Management;
- product recall (such as medical or quality recalls), see EIGA Doc 923; and
- high or complex buildings.

Actions to be taken under any offsite emergency plan are excluded from this publication.

NOTE The actions expected of drivers delivering or collecting industrial gas products out of hours should be assessed and controlled as part of driver site access authorisation process. It is therefore excluded from most site emergency plans and considered outside the scope of this EIGA publication.


Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Scope and purpose
2.1 Scope
2.2 Purpose
3 Definitions
3.1 Publications terminology
3.2 Technical definitions
4 Emergency response management system requirements
4.1 Company emergency management system
5 Site emergency response plan
5.1 Elements to be considered when writing emergency plans
5.2 Define roles and responsibilities
5.3 Define resources, equipment
5.4 Evacuation plans (when, how far, duration)
5.5 Closing emergency, return to normal business
6 Training and exercises
6.1 Person initiating site evacuation
6.2 Employee general training
6.3 Emergency response team training
6.4 Practical scenario exercises, what-if, tabletop exercises
6.5 Evacuation exercises
7 Periodic review
7.1 Testing and inspection
7.2 Auditing
7.3 Company emergency management system review
8 References
9 Other References

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