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BREF for Energy Efficiency

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Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for Energy Efficiency

February 2009

This document therefore contains guidance and conclusions on techniques for energy efficiency that are considered to be compatible with BAT in a generic sense for all installations covered by the IPPC Directive. This document also gives references to BREFs where particular techniques for energy efficiency have already been discussed in detail, and can be applied to other sectors.

In particular:
- the LCP BREF discusses energy efficiency relating to combustion and points out that these techniques may be applied to combustion plants with a capacity below 50 MW
- the ICS BREF discusses industrial cooling systems.

This document does not:
- include information specific to processes and activities in sectors covered by other BREFs
- derive sector-specific BAT.

However, a summary of sector-specific BAT for energy efficiency from other BREFs can be found for information in the EIPPCB workspace [283, EIPPCB].

This document w as prepared in response to t he request to promote the energy efficiency provisions of the IPPC Directive. It takes the efficient use of energy as the first priority, and therefore does not discuss renewable  r sustainable energy resources, which are addressed elsewhere. However, it is important to note t hat the use of sustainable energy sources and/or 'wasted' or surplus heat may be more sustainable than using primary fuels, even if the energy efficiency in use is lower. 



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