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ISO 22447:2019

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ISO 22447 2019

ISO 22447:2019

ISO 22447:2019 Industrial wastewater classification
Industrial wastewater is produced by many kinds of industries. In some parts of the world, climate change is putting water resources under stress. Treatment of industrial wastewater provides an opportunity for resource recovery, which can help to drought-proof ongoing operations. Reclaiming and reusing industrial wastewater reduces demands on limited freshwater resources, as well as the amount of wastewater and the associated contaminants that are released to the environment. How to process and reuse industrial wastewater efficiently is a great challenge as wastewater characteristics are as complex and varied as the industries that produce these waste-streams. Industrial wastewater contains a wide range of inorganic and complex organic contaminants, with various concentrations and almost as wide a range of potential physical, chemical and biological treatment processes and has specific treated water quality required for reuse. A clear ISO industrial wastewater classification and coding system is needed to assist both industry and government to record the information of wastewater (including industrial type and water quality parameter) and provide some information on identifying best available control technologies and treatment performance capabilities in order to establish reasonable expectations and facilitate the development of universal wastewater treatment technologies in industrial reuse, and promote the information communication during commercial trade, for example, bidding, consultation, and so on.
The industrial wastewater classification system described in this document covers the basic and most important information required to properly characterize industrial process waste-streams to quickly determine the requirement of the appropriate treatment or reuse technology options for specific industries, reduce operating costs for enterprises, and ultimately promote the systematic development of process water treatment and reuse technologies for industrial application. For the government and large corporations, a more important usage of the classification and coding system is to help them with establishment and improvement of standards concerning discharge and reuse of industrial wastewater.
This document provides a wastewater classification framework and coding system, along with a water quality parameter list. The usages of the classification and coding system facing different users, namely the entrepreneur or the government, are provided in Annex A. It is intended that this classification system will help to promote understanding between different business parties, governments, to collaboratively develop wastewater treatment and reuse technologies among different countries, improve the efficiency of industrial wastewater reuse, and save and protect environment. Due to the similar nature, it may also apply for the wastewater treatment concerning discharge.
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