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Decisione 2008/721/CE

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Scientific committee on emerging and newly identified health risks (SCENIHR)

Decisione 2008/721/CE

istituzione di una struttura consultiva di comitati scientifici ed esperti nel settore della sicurezza dei consumatori, della sanità pubblica e dell’ambiente (abroga la decisione 2004/210/CE)

The Committee provides opinions on emerging or newly-identified health and environmental risks and on broad, complex or multidisciplinary issues requiring a comprehensive assessment of risks to consumer safety or public health and related issues not covered by other Community risk assessment bodies.

Potential areas of activity include:

  • antimicrobial resistance
  • new technologies (e.g. nanotechnologies)
  • medical devices including those incorporating substances of animal/human origin
  • physical hazards (e.g. noise, electromagnetic fields)
  • tissue engineering
  • blood products
  • fertility reduction
  • cancer of endocrine organs
  • interaction of risk factors, synergic effects, cumulative effects
  • methodologies for assessing new risks

It may also be invited to address risks related to public health determinants and non-transmissible diseases.

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Struttura consultiva Sicurezza consumatori, sanità pubblica e ambiente
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