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Regulation (EU) 2016/426: Questions & Answers

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Regulation (EU) 2016/426: Questions & Answers

EC 20 novembre 2017

Regulation (EU) 2016/426 on appliances burning gaseous fuels (GAR)

Guidance Document: Questions & Answers on the transition from the Gas Appliances Directive to the Gas Appliances Regulation and on the GAR implementation

Section 1: Certificates:

1. Question: Will existing GAD EC type-examination certificates become invalid when the GAR applies?
2. Question: Do GAD EC type-examination test reports stay valid?
3. Question: Which ERs have changed and what is the impact?
4. Question: Is a risk analysis needed?
5. Question: Can a GAD certificate be used to cover Annex III, clause 1 (module B) of the GAR?
6. Question: can an EU DoC for the GAR be based upon a GAD module B certificate?
7. Question: Does a new GAR EU type-examination certificate need to be issued from April 21st 2018?
8. Question: Is an initial production inspection / audit performed by a notified body needed prior to issuing the EU type-examination certificate even if the EU type-examination certificate has a significant validity period?
9. Question: When will the validity of the EU type-examination certificate count from?
10. Question: Can a notified body issue an EU type-examination certificate having a finite validity period without performing surveillance for this product according to module C2, D or E?
Section 2: Harmonized Standards - Technical Knowledge:

11. Question: Is the use of hENs that are cited in the OJEU under the GAR mandatory?
12. Question: What is meant by state of art?
13. Question: which publicly available documents describe the state of art?
14. Question: Which notified body is responsible to cover Annex III, point 1.7 (information responsibility) on changes of the technical knowledge relevant for the product?
15. Question: How should a manufacturer fulfill his responsibilities as described under GAR Annex III, point 1.7 2nd paragraph?
16. Question: How should a manufacturer fulfill its responsibilities that each individual product complies with the requirements of the GAR in such a way that this takes into account “the state of the art and current practice at the time of design and manufacture” (see Annex I, point 2 of GAR) and which notified body is responsible for supervising this?
17. Question: How can a notified body fulfil his responsibilities as described under Annex III, point 1.7, 1 paragraph?
Section 3: Practical Implementation:

18. Question: Can notified bodies issue a GAR EU type-examination certificate before April 21 2018 having a starting date later than April 20st 2018?
19. Question: Can a DoC be issued referring to the GAD after April 21st 2018?
20. Question: Can a DoC be issued referring to the GAR (additionally to the reference to the GAD) before 21st April 2018?
21. Question: Point 2.3 of Annex III (Module C2) mentions product checks once a year (or less) while point 3.4.3 (Module D) production check is to be performed (at least once) every 2 years. Are both required?
22. Question: What should a DoC contain for the GAR?
23. Question: How is the situation with spare parts for gas appliances or fittings, certified according GAD when GAR applies?
24. Question: Is the definition of a fitting changed from the GAD to the GAR?
25. Question: Should a fitting which is made available on the market comply with the GAR?
26. Question: Should a fitting which is designed and produced at request of a specific appliance manufacturer comply with the GAR? Should a component which is designed and produced as a sub-contracted task by the appliance manufacturer and under his full responsibility comply with GAR?
27. Question: can a general purpose component which is not specially designed and intended to be incorporated into an appliance be used by the appliance manufacturer?

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