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New Coronavirus Identikit Sheet

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New Coronavirus Identikit Sheet

New Coronavirus Identikit Sheet

The “New Coronavirus Identikit Sheet”: a unique overview of the national data regarding Inail’s insured workers.

The Central Health Superintendecy, with the collaboration of the healthcare professionals operating on the national territory, has been able to trace an identikit of the Covid-19 injured worker. From the start of the pandemic until 31.12.2021, throughout the national territory, the healthcare personnel serving in the Inail structures administered 72483 identikit sheets to the workers who consented to participate (40.69% of the total of the infected workers). The analysis, in terms of the number of data collected, represents worldwide a unique study regarding the working population. The study also made it possible to trace a profile (identikit) of the worker infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


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Scarica questo file (Scheda Identikit Nuovo Coronavirus.pdf)Scheda Identikit Nuovo Coronavirus
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Scarica questo file (New Coronavirus Identikit Sheet.pdf)New Coronavirus Identikit Sheet
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