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ISO/TR 14121-2:2012 Risk assessment Hybrid Tool - Testo requisiti

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ISO/TR 12412-2:2012 Hybrid Tool

Safety of machinery - Risk assessment - Part 2: Practical guidance and examples of methods

This second edition ISO 2012 which cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO / TR 14121-2:2007 ) has been significantly restructured and revised , in particular:

1 . The examples previously listed in Annex A , and a description of the risk assessment quantified, were suppressed ;

2 . The explanations of the methods or tools, taken from Annex A, are now presented in 5.3.5 and hazard identification to risk assessment ;

3 . The terminology and criteria have been revised as a result, the information is provided in a more clear and comprehensive and in line with the ISO 12100 .

In particular , with regard to the method Hybrid Estimation of Risks ( Ref A7 Ed 2007), which is no longer provided in the Appendices, but in the rules of section 6.5 , has been corrected in the description of the frequency , the value 6 with the value 5, since this value previously created inconsistencies and in some cases not tabulated values ​​in the calculation of Estimated Risk .

See period :
"5 interval less than or equal to an hour - this value is not to be decreased At at any time"

The New Technical Report , prepared by Technical Committee ISO / TC 199, Safety of machinery in Store site at ISO:

ISO/TR 14121-2:2012
Safety of machinery 
Risk assessment 
Part 2: Practical guidance and examples of methods

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