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EN 15061: Sicurezza dei macchinari e linee processo nastri

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Requisiti di sicurezza linee di processo nastri

Documento estratto dalla norma armonizzata EN 15061 relativo ai principali pericoli (p.4) e misure di sicurezza (p.5) delle linee di processo a nastri, con illustrazioni.

Index (Rif. EN 15061)

4 List of significant hazards

5 Safety requirements and/or measures

5.1 General design requirements
5.1.2 Structural assembly
5.1.3 Safety layout
5.1.4 Access to the line Access to operating points Access to danger zones Access to rotating/moving parts
5.1.5 Guards
5.1.6 Guard-rail
5.1.7 Safety signs and warning devices
5.1.8 Safety-related control systems
5.1.9 Personal protective equipment (PPE)
5.1.10 Electrical equipment
5.1.11 Hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication systems
5.1.12 Fluid systems carrying or containing fluids
5.1.13 Material to be discharged to drains
5.1.14 Ergonomic principles
5.1.15 Surface temperatures and heat radiation
5.1.16 Fire protection
5.1.17 Vibrations
5.1.18 Maintenance on equipment containing dangerous substances
5.1.19 Linked equipment

EN 15061
Sicurezza del macchinario - Requisiti di sicurezza dei macchinari e degli equipaggiamenti delle linee di processo nastri

La presente norma è la versione ufficiale in lingua inglese della norma europea EN 15061:2007+A1 (edizione novembre 2008) e tiene conto delle correzioni introdotte il 3 dicembre 2008. La norma specifica i requisiti di sicurezza per i macchinari e gli equipaggiamenti delle linee di processo nastri. La norma tratta i pericoli significativi, le situazioni e gli eventi pericolosi relativi ai macchinari e agli equipaggiamenti delle linee di processo nastri, quando utilizzati conformemente allo scopo previsto e nel rispetto delle condizioni previste dal fabbricante, ma include anche avarie e malfunzionamenti prevedibili in caso di uso scorretto.

Fonte UNI:
This European Standard defines the health and safety requirements of strip processing lines (see 3.1).
This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant for strip processing line machinery and equipment, when used as intended and under conditions foreseen by the manufacturer, but also includes foreseeable faults and malfunctions in case of misuse.
This European Standard specifies the requirements to ensure the safety of persons which are to be considered and met during the design, assembly, transport, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the equipment. 
This European Standard applies to:
Strip processing lines for treating metal strip: from take-over point (see 3.6) of the entry section (terminal equipment, see 3.2) through the process (processing and terminal equipment, see 3.3 and 3.2) up to the take-over point of the exit section or interface to other lines (terminal equipment).
Terminal equipment for: Processing and terminal equipment for: Terminal equipment for:
Entry section
- Pickling (5.3.5) (1)
- Pre-treatment (5.3.6) (1)
- Hot dipping (5.3.7) (1)
- Electro plating (5.3.8) (1)
- Tension levelling/scale breaking (5.3.9) (1)
- Organic coating by roll coater (5.3.10) (1)
- Chemical post-treating (5.3.11) (1)
- Annealing (1), (2)
(1) it may include also terminal equipment according to 5.2
(2) for annealing lines the requirement for related processing equipment (5.3.5 to 5.3.11) is covered by this standard. The requirements for the furnace of annealing lines are covered by EN 746-1, EN 746-2 and EN 746-3

This European Standard does not cover:
- Furnaces in accordance with EN 746-1, EN 746-2 and EN 746-3;
- Dryers and ovens in accordance with EN 1539;
- Coil transporting system before take-over-point at the entry section and after take-over-point at the exit section, e. g., hook conveyors, overhead cranes, fork lift and railway trucks a

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