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Multilateral Agreement M305

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Multirateral Agreement M305

M305 Carriage of waste contaminated with viruses causing haemorrhagic fever

Belgium 28/03/2017  
Germany 12/05/2017  
Luxembourg 01/06/2017  
Netherlands 10/07/2017  
Portugal 06/10/2017  
Autriche 18/10/2017  
Switzerland 29/12/2017  

Date of expiry: 31 December 2018

Agreement in English, French, German

Scarica questo file (M305 GE.pdf)Multilaterale Vereinbarung M305
DE1253 kB784
Scarica questo file (M305 FR.pdf)Accord multilatéral M305
FR22 kB706
Scarica questo file (M305 EN.pdf)Multilateral Agreement M305
EN31 kB720

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