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REACH: Automotive Industry Guideline ACEA

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Guideline on REACH   ACEA 2018

REACH: Automotive Industry Guideline

The REACH Task Force has created this standardised approach to REACH. It is a practical guide that clearly outlines the necessary tasks. The Automotive Industry Guideline is highly recommended; it is easy to follow and brings clear benefits when implemented across industry. The most recent edition was released in July 2018.

In July 2015, a new annex titled ‘Safety Data Sheet Compliance Checks’ was added to the English documentation set. This annex provides guidance for downstream users on conducting plausibility checks of incoming safety data sheets (SDSs). This is now considered necessary to fulfil legal obligations after industry and authorities experienced poor SDSs data quality in the supply chain. Plausibility check guidance is given in a series of steps which may be seen as increasing in complexity. In the coming months the guide will be translated into other languages and published accordingly.

Annex Q also provides guidance, by providing several examples, on compliance actions that are required by a recipient of an extended safety data sheet - ie an SDS with attached exposure scenario(s) for substances or ‘safe use mixtures information’ for complex mixtures.

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