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BREF in the Slaughterhouses and Animal By-products Industries

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BAT in the Slaughterhouses and Animal By products Industries

Best Available Techniques in the Slaughterhouses and Animal By-products Industries / Final draft 03.2023

ID 8723 | 24.03.2023 / Final Draft 2023

March 2023 Final Draft
June 2021 Draft 1
May 2005

This BREF addresses the slaughter of all animals that might contribute to a significant output for an installation. The 'slaughter' activity is considered to end with the making of standard cuts for large animals and the production of a clean whole saleable carcase for poultry. Directly associated activities of the slaughter process are also included.

The disposal and recycling of animal carcases and animal waste is also addressed in this BREF. The animal by-products activities covered include treatments for entire bodies or parts of animals and those for products of animal origin. These activities include treatments of animal by-products both intended and not intended for human consumption. A wide range of by-products activities are covered. These include fat melting; rendering; fish-meal and fish-oil production; bone processing; blood processing associated with slaughterhouses and to the degree where the blood becomes a material for use in the preparation of another product.

The dedicated incineration of carcases, parts thereof, meat, bond-meat and burning of tallow, are covered principally as routes for disposal. Land spreading; land injection; biogas production; composting; preservation of hides and skins for tannery use in slaughterhouses; and gelatine manufacture are also covered. Landfill is not covered, except when mentioned as a route for disposal.


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