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Promoting healthy and energy efficient buildings in the EU

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Promoting healthy energy efficient buildings

Promoting healthy and energy efficient buildings in the European Union

EU Member States have been developing policies and measures to generally reduce the actual energy use of their buildings.

Member States are called to properly implement and enforce the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (2010/31/EU) without compromising the comfort, health and productivity of their occupants.

The objective of this report is three-fold:

(a) to present the outcome of the review carried out concerning the implementation status by the EU MS of provisions relating to ventilation, indoor air quality and energy performance criteria and requirements;

(b) assess whether the current implementation status can ensure avoiding possible negative effects on the comfort, health and productivity conditions of the buildings’ occupants in EU;

(c) formulating policy and technical related recommendations to enable the effective implementation of healthy and highly energy performing buildings in the EU.

This work was performed in the context of Task 13.3 of the Administrative Arrangement TSSEED between DG ENER and JRC no. ENER/C3/2014-554/SI2.693948 (2015-2017) with the aim to directly inform the review process of the EU energy efficiency legislation in 2016.


Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. A holistic concept of buildings’ sustainability for Europe
3. Implementation status of EPBD in EU MS in relation to requirements and criteria for energy performance, IAQ, thermal comfort and ventilation
4. Compliance and Quality Control audits for energy efficiency and IAQ requirements in existing and new buildings
5. Data collection initiatives in EU MS on IAQ, thermal comfort and health in highly energy performing buildings
6. Boosting a Flexible and Comparative Methodology Framework for Energy Performance and IAQ in EU MS
7. Highly Energy performing, safe, healthy and sustainable buildings – a challenging cross-road for EU policies, standards and regulations
8. Conclusions and recommendations
List of abbreviations and acronyms
List of figures
List of tables

Fonte: Commissione Europea - JRC 2017


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