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Linee guida europee sui profili di costa

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Linee guida sui profili di costa

Linee guida europee sui profili di costa

Bathing Water Profiles -Best Practices and Guidance

EC December 2009

Directive 2006/7/CE concerning the management of bathing water and repealing Directive 76/160/EEC requires the elaboration by Member States of bathing water profiles for the first time by 24 March 2011.

Following a workshop on bathing water profiles (Namur, 27-28 June 2007), the Regulatory Committee under the Bathing Water Directive in its meeting of 26 November 2007 discussed the findings of this workshop and agreed to create a working group to develop a document reflecting best knowledge and practice on bathing water profiles.

The purpose of the present guide is to support Member States in developing bathing water profiles. This document “Bathing water profiles: best practices and guidance” is addressed:

- to governmental authorities and bodies of Member States in charge of bathing waters;
- to technical bodies and institutions that will develop the studies necessary to establish the profile; and
- to everybody involved in bathing water profiles (profiles elaboration, communication to public, controlling, etc.) depending on the Member State’s internal organisation.

Directive 2006/7/CE does not provide a basis for any legally binding document on bathing water profiles. Consequently, this document should be regarded as presenting an informal consensus position on best practice agreed by all partners.

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