Code of Practice Acetylene

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Code of Practice Acetylene

Code of Practice Acetylene

The EIGA Acetylene Code of Practice covers the basic requirements for the safe design and maintenance of acetylene plants as well as customer installations.

It also includes recommendations for the supply, storage, transport and use of acetylene cylinders, bundles and trailers.

The purpose of the publication is to provide a comprehensive guide to acetylene that can be used with other documents such as European Standards, company standards and equipment instructions to assist those involved with all aspects of acetylene.

Since the publication of the revised Acetylene Code of Practice in 2012, a number of changes have been made to incorporate comments from EIGA member companies.

The document is intended for all personnel who are involved in any aspect relating to acetylene in the industrial gases industry.

This document has been prepared by the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) to give guidance for the safety requirements in acetylene production, operations filling and handling. 

The document does not relate to any particular design or construction of an acetylene plant.

The document is not intended to replace manufacturers and company instructions but should be used in conjunction with such instructions. An existing plant that is not in strict compliance with the provisions of this Code of Practice may continue to operate provided that it does not constitute an unacceptable risk to life, health or adjoining property.

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