SDS: Safety Data Sheet Guida alla compilazione Ed. 3.0 Dec. 2014

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SDS: Safety Data Sheet

Guida alla compilazione delle Schede di Dati di Sicurezza (Safety Data Sheet)

Versione 3.0 Dicembre 2014 (Draft)

Update of the Guidance to take into account the end of the transitional period for labelling mixtures according to the Dangerous Preparation Directive (DPD), the need to indicate the
classification of their components according to the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD) and reflect the full implementation of the CLP regulation.

The update is limited to the following:

(1) Deletion of the reference to amended legal text (amended by Commission Regulation No 453/2010);

(2) Deletion of chapter 2 containing out of date information, not relevant for the guidance whose scope is providing guidance on the compilation of SDS according to the requirement in place from 1 June 2015;

(3) Deletion of out of date information and correction of the language;

(4) Addition in chapter 1.2 of a clarification of the scope of the updated guidance;

(5) Addition in chapter 2.14 of the of the clarification that the Hazard Class and Category Codes (as given in Annex VI and VII of the CLP Regulation) must not be translated when used in the SDS;

(6) Addition in chapter 2.15 of the clarification about the requirement to provide a SDS for non-hazardous mixtures meeting the requirements set in Table 3.4.6 of Annex I of CLP;

(7) Deletion of Appendix 1 on the transitional period for the application of CLP labelling and corresponding SDS requirements.

Versione 3.0 Draft
Dicembre 2014

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