BREF Techniques in the Production of Polymers

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Reference Document on Best Available Techniques in the Production of Polymers

August 2007

1) Introduction

The BAT (Best Available Techniques) Reference Document (BREF) entitled “Best Available Techniques for the Production of Polymers” (POL) reflects an information exchange carried out under Article 16(2) of Council Directive 96/61/EC (IPPC Directive). This executive summary describes the main findings, a summary of the principal BAT conclusions and the associated emission and consumption levels. It should be read in conjunction with the preface, which explains this document’s objectives; how it is intended to be used and legal terms. It can be read and understood as a standalone document but, as a summary, it does not present all the complexities of this full document. It is therefore not intended as a substitute for this full document as a tool in BAT decision making.

2) Scope of this document

This document focuses on the main products of the European polymer industry both in production figures and in environmental impact, mainly produced in dedicated installations for the production of one specific polymer. The list of products covered is not conclusive but includes polyolefins, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, unsaturated polyesters, emulsion polymerised styrene butadiene rubbers, solution polymerised rubbers containing butadiene, polyamides, polyethylene terephthalate fibres and viscose fibres.
For polymer production installations, no specific threshold was established in drawing a borderline between IPPC installations and non IPPC installations as this is not foreseen in the IPPC Directive.


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