Guideline Major Inspections of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

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Guideline Major Inspections of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

This document outlines a major inspection scheme to validate structural integrity and functionality of critical components of a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP).

Such a scheme may be undertaken to determine if a machine is within safe design and use criteria beyond the manufacturer’s design life. Design life is defined as the duration determined by the manufacturer for which a structure or a structural component may be used for its intended purpose with recommended maintenance.

MEWPs are designed and constructed to set criteria as defined by national and international standards dependent on which country/continent they are intended to be first put into service. As the benefits and efficiencies of using MEWPs are recognised by more industries and countries throughout the world, the number of machines in service is continually increasing. The growing demand for second-hand machines and the retention of machines in some rental fleets has led to the use of MEWPs beyond the original design life.

It is recognised that there are machines in general use which:

i) Have been in service for 10 years or more, yet may not have reached their design life with regard to design cycling i.e. usage

ii) Have reached their design life prior to 10 years because of excessive cycling and/or severe operating environment

Countries including Australia, Canada and Finland have formally documented a requirement for a “major inspection” in specific circumstances including where a MEWP is to be used beyond its original design life.


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