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Direttiva macchine RESS Rilevante Dispositivo di emergenza
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Emergency Stop Devices (MD Annex I

According to Art. 5 of the MD 2006/42/EC, machinery can be placed on the market or put into service only when it satisfies the relevant EHSR set out in Annex I of the MD.

With regard to the applicable EHSR, Annex I section of the MD 2006/42/EC requires for most machinery to be fitted, with one or more emergency stop devices as shown for example in Fig. 1. 

This document deals only with the design of the emergency stop device, primarily with the mushroom type push button with regard to section

The document at hand is not concerned with the location of the devices to be fitted, because this is dependent, for example on the size and configuration of the machinery, the number of operators, the location of the danger zones and the operation positions and maintenance points. With reference to the third paragraph of section, which sets out requirements for the design of emergency stop devices, such device must have clearly identifiable, clearly visible and quickly accessible control devices.

Quoting the Guide to application of the MD, this is important because, in an emergency situation, a split-second reaction may be crucial. The requirement of the quick accessibility has consequences for both the choice of the type of control device and the number and location of control devices to be fitted.

This document has been approved at the Machinery Working Group meeting on 5-6 November 2014

Machinery Working Group
November 2014

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