Guidance on Chemical Risk Assessment - ICCA

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Guidance on Chemical Risk Assessment - ICCA 

Product Stewardship in action: Sound chemicals management is a global responsibility

The GPS Risk Assessment System
Basic Principles of Risk Assessment

A very important concept is the distinction between hazard and risk. Hazard defines the inherent property of a chemical having the potential to cause adverse effects when an organism, system or population is exposed to that agent. 

Risk however, establishes the probability of the adverse effect occurring by considering both the hazard and the exposure together. Risk Assessment leads to a thorough understanding of the nature, magnitude and probability of a potential adverse health or environmental effect of a chemical. 

It addresses uncertainties around hazard and exposure.

Risk assessment should be conducted by experts who have knowledge about the intrinsic properties of the chemicals and the context in which the substances are used, and the control options available to manage risk.

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