Safety guidelines for working around railcars in chemical sites

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Safety guidelines for working around railcars in chemical sites

This document addresses the different aspects relating to the safety of on-site rail activities. It does not intent to substitute any company procedures or local, national or international regulations. When local, national or international regulations apply to an activity covered by this guideline, sites shall fully comply with the applicable regulations.

Working on chemical sites is always bound to strict safety rules. Working with or nearby rail vehicles on chemical sites has specific risks that must be carefully and specifically addressed.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide insights to the reader about safe practices for protection of personnel from hazards that can arise when working on and /or around rail vehicles and tracks at chemical sites.

The guideline addresses safety in the following activities:
- Shunting
- Inspection, maintenance and repairs of rail vehicles and tracks
- Activities near rail infrastructure
- Traffic control
- Third party/subcontractors activities

The guideline does not address safety in the following activities:
- Loading/ unloading operations
- Risks related to the material transported
- Emergency response

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