Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste

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Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste

As part of your waste duty of care you must classify the waste your business produces:

- before it is collected, disposed of or recovered
- to identify the controls that apply to the movement of the waste
- to complete waste documents and records
- to identify suitably authorised waste management options
- to prevent harm to people and the environment.

You should use this guidance if you produce, manage or regulate waste.

For most wastes, you will need to identify if the waste has a hazardous property before you can classify or describe it.

This guidance explains how to assess if the waste displays a hazardous property and how to classify it.

Chapter 2 provides the procedure for waste classification and assessment. This procedure uses the supporting information provided in five appendices as shown below.

1st edition 2015
Environment agency UK
Technical Guidance WM3

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